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Novel Excerpts

Ascent, "Stranger Danger"

Midwestern Gothic, "Makeup"

Redux, "Makeup" (reprint)



Alaska Quarterly Review, "The Entomologist"

Anomaly (formerly Drunken Boat), "Not Dead Yet"

Confrontation, "With You or Without You"

Day One (Amazon), "Seeing Leah"

december, "Last Things"

The Drum, "When My Father Was in Prison" (audio; reprint)

Indiana Review, "When My Father Was in Prison"

Knee-Jerk Magazine, "Map"

McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, "Ordinary Circumstances"

Midwestern Gothic, "When My Father Was in Prison" (reprint)

Quarter After Eight, "Baby True Tot"

Sequestrum, "The Entomologist" (reprint)

Witness, "Mother and Child"